Saturday, December 13, 2014

Office Holiday Party and White Elephant Gift Exchange.

We were at Ikea buying a new TV stand and I picked up this foam candelabra for a white elephant gift.  I also wrapped up the Ikea ornaments I don't use anymore.  And that's Ikea wrapping paper.  It's kind of an Ikea thing.


balyien said...

The wrapping paper is pretty cute! I kind of feel like I'd really enjoy the heck out of that foam candelabra. Part of the gift that I gave for our white elephant exchange (the other part was Playboy cologne) was a pair of boxers with smiley faces dressed like Santa and the saying "I'm a giver." I thought they were incredibly tacky, and of poor quality, but both the shop clerk where I bought them and the person who received them thought they were great.

Sara K. said...

Oh, White Elephants! I have not been to one of those in ages. I believe I posted this already, but in DC a lot of people called them Yankee Swaps. Interesting!