Saturday, November 1, 2014

Connie's Corner Cafe & a hike at Stub.

I started the morning in the lobby reading and enjoying the fire, as well as this portrait.  Then I headed off to Ruby's Spa.

After my appointment, we went out to eat at Connie's Corner Cafe, which is 50s-style diner in downtown Forest Grove.

Matt, looking handsome.

Me, showing off my Ruby's Spa haircut.  It felt great to loose several inches of hair.

After eating, we headed to Stubb Stewart State Park.  We've been here before, for Spring Break one year and also for a weekend getaway pre-the era of cat ownership.  It's a great park and we were looking forward to a hike.

A few trees along the trail had boards bound to them to keep them from falling down.  Here Matt holds one up, to make extra sure it doesn't fall.

Killing a layer.

We hiked to Unfit for Settlement Viewpoint.  Matt reacts to our super high elevation.

Our camera timer photo.

The bench is very far from the view, for unknown reasons.

A trail marker telling us where the trail is.  Which, I kind of figured out.

Oregon in the autumn.  Pretty much sums up this picture.

A start/finish of something unknown.

Our ending timer photo.


balyien said...

Oh, I love 50s diners! Did you guys have breakfast or lunch there? What did you have? That "Oregon in autumn" picture is gorgeous!

Sara K. said...

Excellent on both accounts. Love your hair cut. I like that I have seen it in person, now. :)