Friday, March 25, 2011

The long journey to our spring break destination.

After careful consideration we have decided to "spring break" at LL Stub Stewart State Park. We will be spending two nights and hope to do some biking. It doesn't take very long to get to Stub from our house, (46 minutes according to the Google map) so to make it more of a vacation, we took the country roads after dropping off the kitties at my Aunt's house.

Due to the hectic nature of packing three cats for transport (Sentinel and Antares, plus we were cat sitting Squeak, my Aunt's cat) I forgot to take a picture when we left. So when we missed a turn, I took the opportunity to take a picture in front of this grange where we turned around.

It turned out to be the Kinton Grange, which is a very close spelling to the Kenton neighborhood where we live.

We stopped in Forest Grove for lunch at a Thai Restaurant.

And then we went to the McMenamins Grand Lodge Soaking Pool, which was lovely.
It had a different feel than the Kennedy School Soaking Pool, being less crowded. They also offer a "frequent soaker" discount at Grand Lodge, something that is not available at Kennedy School.

Matt outside of Grand Lodge.

I drove the last bit while Matt navigated and took pictures of the countryside.

We had a rain/sun thing going on all day.

And Matt needed to take a picture of the driver.
We arrived at Stub to find our cabin was the exact same one we had last time.
We took a walk and found the new disk golf course. We played imaginary disc golf.

I had a really good over-and-over throw.

The park is still being constructed and so there are stumps everywhere.

The hilltop parking area makes for nice views when it isn't raining.

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Sara K. said...

What a great way to take in spring break. It looks like a lot of fun already!