Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Calm Coat Closet

Behind this door used to be a whirlwind of chaos: guitar sitting on the ground, gym bag and game bag thrown haphazardly, DDR (Dance, Dance Revolution) pad on top of everything.
Now there is calm. The guitar is now hanging on a hook, the winter hats have their own hooks, the gym bag and the game bag have their own spaces and the DDR pad is cleverly suspended above it all.
To do this I used two spring-loaded curtain rods. The DDR pad sits on top of the fray, but below the coats.

Peace of mind for $8.00.


Sara K. said...

Nice! Our new place in Arlington has so much storage space, we are not sure what will happen to all of our over door hooks. They may not be needed in the same way!

Anonymous said...

Whoever has all that stuff sounds like an interesting person.