Saturday, June 13, 2015

Date night. Walk at Fort Vancouver.

After filling a page of our McMenamins Passport, Matt and I took a walk around Historic Fort Vancouver.

Here, you can see the Fort in the foreground and the Interstate Bridge in the background.

Matt actually was planning to have us walk along the Columbia, but I spied a garden outside the gates and he was happy to amble over with me and take a look.

Good trellis and flowers. 

Pea poles.  I took this picture because I failed to make a trellis for my peas this year and this one looks like something I could put together for next year.

Pretty walkway with roses.  Matt is pretending he pricked his finger on a rose.

I also like this method of staking the tomatoes.  I dislike cages, and this seems simple enough.

Mount Hood loomed over us.  I wondered if any of the solders who staffed Fort Vancouver with the Hudson's Bay Company ever got to visit.

Look who we found in the lettuce!  This fella had a buddy, too.

Here we are taking the Vancouver Land Bridge, one of the sites of the Confluence Project and designed by Maya Lin

One of the viewpoints.  I love how this bridge manages to completely block out the fact you are crossing over the very busy State Route 14, while focusing your attention on the history of the area and providing great views.

Moving back through time, we come to the Kaiser Shipyards.

And this military post.

At the end of the bridge is the oldest apple tree in this territory.

It is protected behind a wrought-iron fence and still producing apples.

We made it to the waterfront, but the sun was starting to set and so we walked back to the car.  On the way back we stopped at an octagonal bandstand, which gave us eight opportunities for timer pictures.  The college has repeated one of the pictures.  Can you see which one?
Interestingly, Matt referrred to this structure as a gazebo and I referred to it as a bandstand.  The informative sign agreed with me, but according to this definition, I think what we have here is a gazebo.


balyien said...

That garden is pretty amazing. Wow! So pretty. I had no idea that peas required a trellis. I love that Matt is so willing to pose for silly pictures with you. They were all really cute. I feel like what I would call that structure depends on the size of it. If large, I would call it a bandstand; if smaller, a gazebo.

Sara K. said...

What a lovely walk. BUNNIES!!! Let me pet you! The gardens are really wonderful. I especially like the roses on the arch. Even if they are a bit prickly! And good job publicly admitting the gazebo correctness!