Friday, June 5, 2015

Forktown Food Tour: Alphabet District.

Thanks to Linda, Matt's mom, visiting, we attended another Forktown Food Tour.  This time it was the Alphabet District.  Here's our menu of places.

At Kenny and Zuke's we had a reuben slider, one quarter of their salt bagel with cream cheese and a pickle.
At St. Honore Boulangerie we had a chouquette and half a croissant
At Bull Run Distilling we had samples of two kinds of vodka, a gin, a rum, a few different kinds of whisky and an aquavit.  After that we got to make our own mini-cocktail choosing from three different kinds of bitters. 
At Little Big Burger we had one of their burgers with goat cheese, plus some truffle fries
Next came Taste on 23rd where we had asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, a mushroom stuffed with smoked salmon and a salad with a strawberry fig dressing.  Also a sample of both red and white wines.
At The Meadow we had a salt and chocolate tasting.
Amazingly, after all that, we also had a brioche donut from Blue Star Donuts.  (This was my favorite part because it was a surprise and also because, I had just been touting the Transcendental Donut nature of Blue Star Donuts to a couple from Chicago.)

I did not, sadly, take pictures of much of this.  So here are the pictures I did take.

This sign, at the Bull Run Distillery, made me laugh.  Our guide said that she's had some vegans get grumpy at the message, which made me chuckle even more.

Bitters at the Distillery.

In the warehouse at the Distillery, it wasn't surprising to find this Timbers sticker.

Spirits aging.

The experimentation area.


This is a small distillery, and this is their bottling system.

Taste on 23rd was the only place I got a picture of the food.  Delicious!
Thanks Linda, for another good tour.


balyien said...

I love these tours! They always sound great to me, but also like a tremendous amount of food. Are the portions smaller? Or is it stretched out over a whole entire day? I feel like my stomach would burst before I could finish the tour. Yay for the Timbers sticker!

Sara K. said...

Hi friend!!! Welcome back to some fun comments from me!

Sara K. said...

This looks like so much fun! I know, from in person chats, that you had a great time. I want to try this in MN or in another place where we visit.

Patricia said...

The portions are smaller, but it's still a lot of food. As you know, I can put food away rather well, so I end up in a really-full-but-not-quite-Thanksgiving state. I don't really eat much the morning before the tour in preparation.