Monday, May 25, 2015

Dead Relatives Tour 2015

Our theme this year?  Feet!

At my grandparent's grave, that's Mom, Aunt Pat, me, Aunt Carol, clockwise from upper left.

At my great-great grandparents' grave that's mom, Aunt Pat, Aunt Carol and me. I had to step one foot out because I'm not Gumby.

At my Great-Great Uncle Tom's memorial, we have Aunt Pat, Mom, Aunt Carol and me.

Uncle Tom's bouquet is in the upper left corner. It looks like the space next to him is available, if anyone is interested.


balyien said...

I like how you did the photos. It's different. Is there a special reason why you guys decided to visit your relatives' graves?

Patricia said...

We do it every Memorial Day. It's what I've always done on that weekend. In Boise, my dad's parents were the ones to visit. They haven't probably had flowers in 10 years or so.

At Christmas the MAunts also go to my grandparents' grave and put holly so it will be Christmas festive.

Sara K. said...

I especially like the feet views! We also always did this over memorial day in my family!