Saturday, May 2, 2015

Thirteenth Anniversary! It must be time for a superhero movie.

And time for a self-portrait under the sign!  But no!  No sign is in this picture.

Here is the sign!  Well, not the actual sign, because we took the picture after the movie was over, but that's the movie we saw!

Another self-portrait attempt in front of the movie theater sign.  

And instead, settling for just a picture of the sign.  The light looks totally different, even though this picture is only seconds older than the one above.
It was a good anniversary celebration.


balyien said...

Huh, it looks pitch black out in the second outdoors picture. Interesting. Good choice for an anniversary celebration! That was a very entertaining movie. Hope you had a great time!

Sara K. said...

Bummer, this post fell off of my reader! I knew I had missed it, though!

Congratulations. Looks like a super fun way to celebrate.