Sunday, May 3, 2015

McMenamins History Pub

We attended a McMenamins History Pub at the newly renovated Mission Theater.  This picture shows us newspaper articles about the Trent UFO sighting outside of McMinville, which is the reason McMenamins has their UFO Fest every May at their Hotel Oregon location.  

We heard a short presentation about UFO encounters and then watched the movie Fire in the Sky, which a movie based on an abduction in the mid-70s.  The subject of that movie/the abduction will be speaking at the UFO fest this year.


balyien said...

What did you think of the reno of the Mission? As you may know, this was the McMenamins I frequented the most (for Monday Night Football), so your answer is relevant to my interests. Will you go to hear the gentleman speak at the UFO festival?

Patricia said...

They did a good job. The seats are comfortable and the screen looks great. All other McMenamins details remain intact. The only drawback is that when they renovate a theater, the ticket price increases. But I didn't really expect to pay $3.00 forever.

Matt was interested in the UFO guy's story, but we didn't go to the festival.

Sara K. said...

Renovations seem good. Extra ticket prices, less fun!