Monday, May 11, 2015

Recovering the new chair.

I stopped at an estate sale and fell for this chair.  After paying my $32.50, I went home, got the car and then convinced the chair and the car that they did want to come together so the chair could have a new home.  Sentinel is a fan of the new chair, though he wants it to face the other way so he can look out the window.

Sentinel continues to model the damage to the cushion.  The clever estate sale people flipped the cushion the other way so I couldn't see how bad this was.  Which is fine, I had to change the color anyway.

Antares also wanted to model.

I bought a twin sheet at Fred Meyer and used part of it to cover the bottom cushion.  Then I used the rest to drape around the back.  The whole thing came together in 15 minutes and will probably be fine until years go by and I get around to doing something official.

I bought a second sheet to drape over the official sheet, so I can easily wash away all the cat hair.  


balyien said...

It's adorable that the cats seem to love the chair as much as you do. It's a really beautiful chair.

Sara K. said...

Nice. I have a similar cover job for a chair that has serape style fabric covers in orange. It has an IKEA twin sheet combo that looks pretty sleek! some day it will be recovered, but for now it works great and I don't have to be a crazy woman every time I see it. Win-win!