Monday, May 25, 2015

The finished-for-now product

No longer do you see the white dresser when you come in.  Now you see bookcases.

My plan was to have two bookcases with glass doors and one without, but I've changed my mind and all three need to have glass doors. The doors I bought can be customized with panels of material and after installing one set of doors, I concluded that it will be easier to customize before the doors are installed.  So instillation of the other two sets of doors has been put on hold.
Even though Billy and I didn't get along at the beginning, I'm happy to have embarked on this project.


balyien said...

I like it! They honestly look original. I agree that the third bookshelf needs to have glass windows. Its a bit jarring to the eye to see a bunch of open shelves surrounding a closed one.

Sara K. said...

Very sleek! I like it!!!