Monday, May 18, 2015

Hanging out in my subconscious.

I came across this picture when I was mid-bedroom curtain project and had a hearty laugh about how things from childhood loop back around.  This is me in my bedroom on Oreana street.  I'm pretty sure it's a "before" picture because this room got transformed into a room with Strawberry Shortcake wallpaper.  But before that, it had a Holly Hobbie theme.  You can see the comforter on my bed has Holly Hobbie on it.  Well, I can because that comforter was made to last by my mom who sewed it out of sheets. That comforter went to college with me.

But look at the curtains!  I had forgotten these existed, but she cut out pictures from the sheets and sewed them to the curtains, giving me a coordinating set.

And look what I thought of doing. I wonder how I got that idea?


balyien said...

How funny! That sat there in your subconscious all this time, and you had no idea. It's fantastic. Also, I love that your mom did that for you. It's very sweet. BTW, I loved Strawberry Shortcake when I was a kid too. My favorite character was Blueberry Muffin. I had an episode on cassette tape that I must have listened to a million times. That show is why I know the phrase, "Hoisted by my own petard!"

Sara K. said...

I love that you have such detailed pictures of your room from childhood. I do not, really. Probably because I was such a Messy Jessie growing up and it would have been embarrassing to photograph. Oh year and that mustard and brown shag carpet ate all sorts of things. YIKES!