Friday, May 8, 2015

On our way to a date at the Hollywood Theater

Fun things seen:

This coffee mug addition to this pedestrian crossing sign.

Excellent 8-bit video game homage mural.

The beautiful Hollywood Theater with the new mixed-use building next door.  It's not the best and cuts off a good vantage point of the theater, but what can you do?

Cool stuff from the upstairs lounge like this sign.

Cozy places to chat.

Even more cozy places to chat.

Interesting undercarriage to this table.


balyien said...

The coffee cup "graffiti" made me laugh. Dan loves the video game ("Punch Out") represented in that mural. Otherwise I would have no idea what it was! That huge new building so close to the Hollywood, nearly overshadowing it, makes me sad. Looks like there have been some nice upgrades inside the theater though!

Sara K. said...

What a delight! And a beautiful theater in use. That brings me joy!