Saturday, December 12, 2015

A new helper comes to live with us.

Leaving my current job for my new job meant an end to free printing.  For years I've forwarded documents to myself and printed them at school. I barely made it two months before I broke down and bought us this printer.  This is a black and white wireless laser printer which I'm quite excited about mostly because it's not an inkjet printer.  I loathe inkjet printers, both professionally (I used to have to order all the replacement ink at school) and personally.  Hopefully this laser printer will serve us well.

I printed a note for Matt using the new printer. It encouraged him to set up his computers to print to this printer also.  Because printing wirelessly is almost as cool as Channing Tatum.

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balyien said...

Oh, that's a nice picture of Channing Tatum! I really enjoy having a printer at home, although ink is so expensive that I try not to print too much. A laser jet printer would be great! I'll have to look into getting a new one eventually. I'm surprised my cheap Target one has lasted this long.