Sunday, December 20, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Or: we see a movie with a whole bunch of other people.

We got to see ALL of the Twenty (now called First Look, but even more annoying than when it was the Twenty).  (The Twenty is a way for stupid Regal Theaters to make us watch destracting ads before the movie instead of talking.  Back in the day there were featurettes interspersed with ads.  Now there are just longer ads and shorter ads.) 

This was my establishing shot to show you the full theater. As you can see, it didn't work.  But I did catch a good screen shot.  (double pun!)

Here is our "before" self portrait.  This is the point where I thought it would be fun to watch it with 10 or so ten-year-old boys sitting next to us.  I figured we would get instant feedback from one-half of the target audience.
And feedback we did get.  Those boys talked through every thing that wasn't an action scene.  At one point, one of them was throwing things into the audience.  I said something and the woman in front of them said something, but no adult-in-charge appeared.  I spent a lot of time blocking them out.

Other than that, it was very fun to see this opening weekend in a nearly-full theater.


balyien said...

Wow, I'm appalled that whatever adult was in charge of those boys let them behave that way. I would've been so annoyed. Luckily, the theater we saw this in is 21+ only, so that wasn't a problem I had to deal with. Sadly, the lack of children didn't improve the film for me (read: I didn't like it).

Patricia said...

Yeah, I shouldn't have been surprised, watching the parenting skills of students at school over the years. Often times when we have events outside of school the teachers don't like to come because the students are so ill behaved when with their parents that the teachers are embarrassed. They also feel like they can't say anything to the kids when the parents are with them, which is a belief I don't share. I tell kids all the time to shape up. I told these kids in the movie to shape up. I'm that person.