Saturday, December 12, 2015

Passport page completed: SW Portland and Suburbs

The plan was to combine a viewing of Tuba Christmas (I've never been!) with walking around downtown and completing our Downtown McMenamins Passport page.  However, there was a lot of rain.  A. Lot. Of. Rain. and I'd been soaking wet due to bike commuting several times this week already. So we changed plans.  Sorry Tuba Christmas.  Hopefully next year will be the year.

I discovered a great new site ( that calculates the best trip order for multiple addresses. This comes in handy as we attempt to finish passport pages with multiple locations in parts of town with which I am not familiar.

First (after there was a bit of a wrong turn due to me not correctly reading Google Map directions.  We got the car washed at the turn around spot, so we didn't entirely waste time.) we went to the Raleigh Hills Pub.

Next was the Greenway Pub.  This is the part of McMenamin's territory that has locations in strip malls. 

There was a Little Ceaser's next to the Greenway Pub and we got a snack to tide us over.  I could tell it was going to be a long afternoon of rainy driving and I needed something to settle my stomach.

Next was a trip to Sherwood for the Sherwood Pub.

Then a drive through the country to get to I-5.

Have I mentioned it was a rainy day.  So much rain!

The Wilsonville Old Church and Pub was in the parking lot of a strip mall, not in the strip mall itself. It also is located in both the building in the front and that Old Church in the background.  The stained glass in the windows was pretty, though I neglected to take a picture.

John Barlycorns (also in Tigard) was our next destination.  This was the prettiest stop on our passport page.

Our last stop was the Fulton Pub.

It's a tiny little place tucked in Johns Landing off of Macadam.  We stopped to eat here.

I liked the chalk drawings above our booth, including this sleeping cat.

Having completed our passport page we both received a growler and a gift card to fill the growler.  Being people who don't drink much beer, the growlers have already gone elsewhere.  Matt filled one with M&Ms and gave it away as a White Elephant gift.  I set mine outside with a "free" sign.  We both still have our gift cards.  We can spend them on things that are not beer.

Here is our completed page:

Note that we didn't go to the Hillsdale Pub this time because that was where we visited on Matt's birthday so he could get his birthday stamp.


balyien said...

So which one was your favorite? I really like the outside look of John Barleycorns, and the inside look of Fulton Pub. This post made me miss McMenamins.

Patricia said...

I would have liked to eat at John Barlycorns. It had a warm smoky fire smell and was super chill. It's also a location I will probably not visit often because I don't really know where it is. (One of the hazards of having Google map things instead of finding it myself on the map.) Fulton Pub was nice though. It was cozy on a crappy day.

It never occurred to me to miss McMenamins, because they are so ubiquitous here. But I think I would miss them greatly if I moved away.