Friday, August 26, 2011

High Desert Museum

The next morning after the show we ate a delicious breakfast at Corey's Bar and Grill in Downtown Bend. We had one of those fabulous waitresses who did not take any guff, and at the same time when I was trying to decide asked me what I was after and made a completely different recommendation that got me exactly what I wanted. If I were weathly, she would travel around with me and be my forever waitress.

Having eaten, we headed out to the High Desert Museum. Here, Matt gets his picture taken with Snowshoe, the resident Lynx. You can read Snowshoe's story here, though it will probably make you mad. Thank goodness he has a good home now.

A turtle wants to say, "Hi."
We toured the Miller Family Ranch and Sawmill, checked out Thomas the otter in the Otter exhibit. Thomas was sleeping. We also learned about Scat and visited the Spirit of the West exhibit. It was a fun museum.

On the grounds, I really liked this shrub.

But sadly it had no ID.

Driving towards home, we saw smoke. It's fire season.


Sara K. said...

Did the MAunts make it to the museum as well? Looks like a great day. Fun breakfast with a great waitress and charming and fun museum. Nice for a drive home routine!

Patricia said...

They were there too, just not in pictures. And it was the MAunt as Aunt Pat didn't come because the tree trimmers were coming to her house that day and she wanted to be there to observe what was going on.

Debrarian said...

"My Forever Waitress" can be the name of your next movie or novel. And I will watch or read it.