Saturday, August 20, 2011

Picnic and Much Ado

I made a delicious picnic for the MAunts (the "Bro" declined to come) before we took in a free showing of Much Ado About Nothing. However, I neglected to factor in a commute that included a bridge closure and the resulting increased traffic which meant that we were much later to our picnic than we thought we would be. This resulted in a quick meal eaten before it could be photographed. However the menu was: Cherry Plum Soup, Green Salad with dressing, Ham and Asparagus Quiche, Roasted and Marinated Green Beans, Very Much Marinated Potato salad and for dessert: Chocolate Mint Cookies. It was a good meal, albeit one eaten with a sense of hurry.

The play, put on by the Portland Actor's Ensemble was delightful, with Sara Faye Goldman bringing a great gravitas to the character of Hero, particularly in the scene when she is accused of not being a "maid," if you know what I mean.

As always, people watching was great fun. At one point, I caught the mother-daughter combo sitting next to us both asleep.

Jade Hobbs played not only Margaret, but also a tree in the orchard.

Here we see Benedict hiding behind the tree, all the better to overhear an important plot point.

Allison Rangel (in the black hat) was an excellent Sexton, with a very self-important air which helped propel her through her character's incompetence.
Thanks to PAE for another good summer of Shakespeare.


Sara K. said...

Sorry to hear about the rushing for the picnic...that is not so fun. Looks like the rest was fantastic! I love outdoor/picnic theater! We really miss Idaho Shakespeare Theater for that! Which is not free, but is outdoor/picnic! :)

Anonymous said...

To say the picnic was great is to do it an injustice. It was the perfect picnic for a very hot day. I love getting my dose of Shakespeare via Patricia as it always includes yummy food. MOM