Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hogan Hoedown

So Brook and Mike Hogan had a Hoedown to celebrate being married half their lives. That's right, they are 44 years old and they have been married 22 years. Matt and I were thrilled to drive out to a barn in Wilsonville to fete this great accomplishment.

First off, Matt was excited that there was a hat to fit the generous "Johnston head." He looks good, too.

I'm easier to size.

We had good BBQ.

The Hogan's last name just happens to have the same number of letters as a certain dog that a certain game is named after. We played Hogan throughout the night.

There was petting of the horses.

And practicing for the Line Dancing.

Matt made friends with a horse, while Burt watched.

He knows how to make the connection.

The horse was also interested in me too. Actually, we think he was interested in our hats.

The Hogans hired a fabulous firecracker of a woman named Joyce to teach us three line dances. This was a highlight of the evening, and I have no pictures of it, because I was enjoying myself so much I couldn't be bothered to take photos.*

Brook is looking like 22 years of marriage has done her good.

We persisted in playing Hogan until we won. I got a cap gun and caps.

Matt won the sausage.

With a 1,000,000 reward, it was hard not to cash in on the Hogan Gang, but there is probably some etiquette about not turning in the hosts of the party.

Here they are, live and in person. Thanks for having us Hogans, we had a blast.
*some readers of this blog may remember when I refused to have anything to do with Country Line Dancing and actively made fun of those who did it. What can I say? These days, I'll do anything for structured social dance, even listen to Country Music.

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Sara K. said...

What a fabulous party! How very fun! I love it! I can only think of silly effusive things to say...