Thursday, August 11, 2011

Roman shades, construction techquine

One of my goals for my three week vacation in August is to start and finish the Roman Shades for the triple window in the living room. In truth, I planned on working two hours per day on shade construction from the day after school got out until I was done. However, June and July seem to have come and gone as well as more than a week of my vacation and I'm just beginning this project.

In this step, I am supposed to be pinning the casings for the wooden rods. I pinned one casing, tested the wooden rod and found it didn't fit and switched to pinning the casings around the wooden rods. This worked much better and I will use this technique more in the future.


Sara K. said...

Yay for getting started!!! THat's great!!! :) And your blogs are current to the month! Woot! Woot!

Waseem said...

Great work....You did it..look so fantastic.

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