Sunday, June 16, 2013

OPSFest's Comedy of Errors

OPSFest debuted the newest play in their lineup.  We got a special invitation-only chance to see their company's production of Comedy of Errors for the very first time.  Unfortunately, I lost the program, so I've got no names to tell you.
The Milepost 5 Courtyard was the theater.  That huge stage from last season is gone, alas.
This guy wandered into the wrong town. It's off to jail for him!
The actors sat next to us and watched the action, waiting for their next cue.  Here you can see one of the scrolls the company uses.
As this was the debut performance, there was a lot of looking at the scrolls.
Two sets of twins in one town and confusion reigns.  The woman on the right was incredibly funny as one of the servant twins.
I love when people who live at Milepost 5 watch the play from their apartment.  Matt loved Beth Thompson's dress.
A fight!
More confusion, though we are getting to the bottom of the problem.
If only we could figure out that...
There are twin brothers!  Oh, and your poor mother has been in a convent, but she's happy to see her boys, and their father too!
Your servants are also twins!  This clears everything up.

Overall, this was a very good first performance.  

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Sara K. said...

I especially like the apartment window peeker! :) :ppls like a fun time!