Saturday, June 15, 2013

Yard Intervention Day 7

Turnips!  So easy to grow!  And you get double duty:  turnip greens and the turnips themselves.
Every spring I try to get parsley to sprout out front in the whisky barrels.  And every spring it mostly does not work.  So why, on hard-packed dirt, where I certainly didn't plant any seed, did this little parsley plant decide to germinate and grow?  He's right in front of the trash can.
Side yard free of weeds!
But we are out of straw.
Glad to get all this part covered, though.
And even a little bit into Leo's yard.
In other exciting vegetable news, I have peas!  Most of these have not been tallied, because I pick them and eat them standing in the garden.


Sara K. said...

There is nothing more delightful than eating sugar snap peas right off of the vine. Other than doing the same with raspberries and strawberries as well!

balyien said...

I don't even like peas all that much and I think those look om nom nom.