Sunday, June 9, 2013

Yard Intervention, Day 1

I enjoy "first days" and this was no exception.  Bright and early I was out ready to put in my 30 minutes.  The pathways are hard earth so I used my favorite cobra headed tool to pull some of the more stubborn dandelions out. I also pulled all the cardboard scattered hither and yon about the area close to the patio and then spread newspaper three sections deep and overlapping.  Then I distributed the straw.  My last step was to water, because I've learned that dry straw on dry newspaper on a windy day will result in all the work blowing about the yard in a dispiriting fashion.  I'm giving my weed control a strong dose of water to ensure that does not happen.


Sara K. said...

Yay! A good start!!!

balyien said...

I agree with Sara - good start!