Monday, June 17, 2013

Who is that at the door?

Who is waiting to meet you at the door?
(which, now that I look at it, really needs a good scrubbing)
It's Tim Riggins!*  That smirk on his face might mean he welcomes you, but it might not.

Why, you might ask, is Tim Riggins at the door?  It's because my friend loves Tim Riggins and for fun, I bought her a poster.  It had to come from China, and when it arrived, there were two posters, not one, so I too get to see Tim Riggins face every day.

*Tim Riggins is the lovable rogue from the television series Friday Night Lights.


balyien said...

You talk about this show with enough frequency that every time I see it in my instant queue, I'm tempted to start watching it. But I don't want to ruin my life, haha.

Sara K. said...

I love a good welcome at the front door! :)