Thursday, December 31, 2015

All good things must come to an end. The final Orange Door post.

I've enjoyed chronicling our move to our first home.*  We've done a lot since 2007, and it's been fun to share it with you.  You can follow our continued adventures on my own blog I will tag the posts that would have appeared on this blog with OrangeDoor.

Thanks for reading and commenting on our 900-plus posts!

Here's the link to the very first post, if you would like to read from the beginning:

All of the 2007 posts on the previous platform:

Then we switched over to this address.  Here are the rest of the posts:

The first post from 2007 (on the new platform)

The first post from 2008

The first post from 2009

The first post from 2010

The first post from 2011

The first post from 2012

The first post from 2013

The first post from 2014

The first post from 2015

*The way the housing market is in Portland, it will likely be our only home.  Good think I like it so much.

1 comment:

Sara K. said...

Good bye Orange Door! It has been fun to read your posts and enjoy your adventures!

Here's to having only 1 blog to keep up to date with! Goodness know that one is more than I can handle right now!