Thursday, June 26, 2014

Afternoon at Crater Lake.

We could now see the lake, but a great overlook was closed.

Look at that snow!

I took this picture because this toilet paper dispenser has an ash tray.

We talked to the very nice Park Ranger who helpfully circled the hikes that were open.  On our way to the hikes, we stopped at Vidae Falls.

Matt attempts to be Vidae Falls.

This was a short mile hike.

The fog and mist were still hovering.

Off we go.

This hike had all these weird protrusions in the path.  I'm not sure of their purpose.  Maybe benches in the future?

Our view of Phantom Ship.

Some more of the blue.

"I think they don't want us to walk on this path" Linda astutely observed.

Sitting on a bench I could see nothing of the lake.

More blue.

Wood patterns.

Still some snow.

Here's where the road is closed on the other side of Rim Drive.

Our next short hike was the Wildflower Trail.

Marshy green.

The path took us along and through a little creek.  You had to walk on the stones where the creek flowed.  It was great.

Pretty green.

More creek flowing across our path.


On the path.

Spring green.

The only wildflower we saw.  Because late June is early spring at Crater Lake.


Sara K. said...

Minus the great viewing point being snow covered, looks like a wonderful outing. I really love that pic of Matt and his mom. That's a crop, blow up, and frame sort of future present waiting to happen!

balyien said...

More great pics! The phantom ship is super cool. It really does look like a ship at first glance. I agree with Sarah, the picture of Matt & his mom would be nice for framing.

Anonymous said...

The clouds sure change the color of the lake. It hides the deep blue. How come no picture of Crater Lake Lodge? mom