Saturday, June 28, 2014

Smith Rock! (And the powers of my camera's zoom function.)

We didn't know, when we headed to Smith Rock, that we would get to hang out with a Golden Eagle.

Here's Smith Rock.  Can you see any climbers?

Here's the Crooked River.

Smith Rock and the Crooked River.

And here's where I learn how fun my zoom function can be.  This is a hiker who has climbed onto a little niche in the rock.

Here is his coming down.

And down.

And here's how far away I really was.

Matt gets to pet a snake.

Not only did we meet the snake, we learned how this snake is different from a rattler.

Heading over the bridge.

And along the River Trail.




Here's a dude with a Timbers dude on his climbing pack.

More fun with zoom.  Climber on rock:

Same climber.

Still that guy.

Here's where I was.  Can you still see the climber?

Matt hides.

Desert lovely.

More climbing.

I'm willing to bet the above dude is somewhere in this picture, but I can't see him.

Desert grass.

Trees and rocks.  And a climber plotting his course.

This one took my breath away.

Can you still see them?

How about now?

And this is where I was on the ground.

A good lookin' couple.

More rock.

Timer photo.

The sky was also beautiful.

Peeking through a gap.

Matt saves the day.

Linda and Matt.

Rock patterns rock.

Here's a woman climber!

Zooming out.

And more.

Can you still see her?

How about now?

More rocks.

Matt made sure I caught this climber in action

Zooming away.
Can you still see her?

Tree and rock.  And somewhere there is that climber.

Last zoom. I promise.

As you might guess, this was a mini rock, across the river.  Can you still see him, though?

How about now?

I loved our visit to Smith Rock and I would like to return someday.


Sara K. said...

Wow! It is so lovely. I like the contrast of the blue sky, the stone, and the fringe of greenery around the edges. Your zoom is REALLY amazing! Much better than ours. We love our little camera a lot but have started to notice that it is starting to have its limitations (especially low light shooting). We don't really want to replace it yet (hello, just bought a house and losing an income...). So we shall see!

Patricia said...

I really need to actually read the camera manual so I can get a full understanding of what it can do. The problem is that the manual is on the computer, not a physical object anymore, so I can't just drag it out to the backyard and start shooting different things to learn, which is what I've always done before. But I'm pretty happy with my camera.

balyien said...

You got to hang out with a Golden Eagle! That's so cool. A lot of these pictures are really great. You have a good eye for picture composition. I can't believe that you saw somebody hiking with a Michael Harrington face! They were asking people to tweet their pictures of him so they must have hiked him up to take a fun shot. I saw one of a guy with his wife & the Harrington face in a hospital delivery room, lol.