Thursday, June 26, 2014

Morning at Crater Lake

Linda is excited to use her Senior Pass for the first time.  It gets us into the park for free.

This park ranger even posed with her.

It's late June.  Would you have guessed?

I enjoy finding a good elevation marker.

Our first view of the lake.

We hiked down the Cleetwood Cove Trail so we could be near the lake.  Here are the warnings for oblivious people.

 The trail was full of switchbacks.

On the way down.

Matt and Linda pose.

Now we are seeing more of the amazing blue.  Apparently the sun is necessary for that.

 A nice college student from Emory University took our picture. 

This holds a water gauge.

Great patterns in the rock.

On our way up.

The Rim Drive wasn't open all the way around.

Matt, the layer king, after our hike up the equivalent of 64 stairs.

We drove to the Rim Village and had this view of the lake.  The sign shows us what we would be seeing, if it weren't for the fog.

Which was persistent.

Matt hikes over some snow.  Linda walks around.

Linda stamps her National Parks Service passport.

Matt records the moment.

Crater Lake Lodge.

There is a small exhibit of the Lodge's history.  I love the term "hostelry."  Let us bring it back!

Room rates.  Though not today's room rates.

Great vintage cars, back when they weren't vintage.

 Matt and I relax on the Lodge porch.

 We can see the lake again!

We had lunch in the Lodge and afterward we could see the entire lake.  The fog had lifted!


Sara K. said...

How lovely!!!! I love Crater Lake! I was so excited when I heard that you were visiting. Looks like a great hike. I'm gad the fog lifted. Seeing that amazingly beautiful blue is just such a wonderful part of visiting. We always forgot our NPS passport. We do it so often that we have 2: one for home (since we live in the DC region full of NPS parks and ride public transit to get there) and one for the car. I wish I could report that the 2 passport system has increased the stamping, but it has not. We have tons of small stamped papers here and there ready to be glued in to one or the other of the passports. Love the hostelry history in the museum!

balyien said...

Awww, that park ranger is adorable. Great pictures! I especially like the one of Matt at the end, with the lake in the background, after the fog had lifted.