Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice 5k.

Run two of five in my 5k series took place on the longest day of the year.  The run began at 7:15pm and I was not quick to finish, yet notice how light it still is outside.  I was quite happy to be presented with a fudgesicle at the end of the race.

They gave awards to the top five in every category and these Boy Scouts were ready to hand out the ribbons. For some reason, the guy handing out the third place ribbon got three hugs from female winners, much to his slight embarrassment and the crowd's amusement.

My time was approximately 39:40 which made me slower than last time, which isn't a surprise given that I haven't been doing much running in the last few weeks.  My next run is in August.  We shall see if I improve my time then.


balyien said...

Great job! Good luck improving your time for the next run! Although I'm just impressed that you're doing it at all.

Sara K. said...

Me too! Very impressive. I love that your reward was a tasty fudgie! Woo hoo!