Wednesday, June 25, 2014

On our way! Also: Diamond Lake

Matt, his mother Linda and myself took a mini-break to Crater Lake, Bend and Smith Rock.

It takes two photos, but you can read for yourself the message this trucker is sending.

I'm not sure what was going on going the other way, but I'm glad I-5 South was running smoothly.  This backup went on for miles.

Upon checking in, we were given a room key and an awesome fire starter.  Oh, and matches.

Our cabin.

Matt models the kitchen.

Matt models the living room.

We went to dinner before Matt could model the bedrooms.  But this is our view of the lake from our dinner table.

For some reason, "Salads" didn't need the apostrophe s, but "Sandwich's" did.


balyien said...

Wow, was that kitchen built for the munchkins in "Wizard of Oz"? It looks teeny tiny!

I saw a sign on a Ralphs pastry case (which was empty) today that directed customers to the bakery counter in order to purchase bagels and pastry's. And of course, I'm like, "Purchase the pastry's WHAT?" If you can correctly make one word plural, why not the other word? Argh!

Got your Crater Lake postcard last week, by the way. Thanks for that. I have very fond memories of our trip there.

Sara K. said...

I am so excited to read all about this trip. I have seen lots of pro JC signs, bumper stickers, roadside "attractions," but never anything quite like that truck.

The cabin is adorable. So lovely!