Thursday, June 26, 2014

Evening at Diamond Lake.

We spent some time at the Diamond Lake Lodge and I caught this fella sleeping.

The toasty warm fireplace.  I greatly enjoyed my time absorbing the heat.

I enjoy how the two chimneys are opposites.  The one closest to us has cinder block topped by stone and the other one is stone topped by cinder block.

Back at our cabin we built our own fire, so Matt could use the fire starter.


And the fire is off and running.


Sara K. said...

How fun to be able to enjoy a fireplace in June! :)

Sara K. said...

Or not, if warm weather is your desire. Though I know the whole PNW has been stinking hot this past couple of weeks. I have seen lots of complaining about it on FB!

balyien said...

I'm impressed that Matt knows how to build a fire! I feel like I could start one if I had to (if I had a lighter or matches) but I don't know if that's true.