Friday, June 27, 2014

Diamond Lake to Bend

Rain again as we checked out of our Diamond Lake cabin.

We took a foray into the park, but there was a lot of rain and cold and fog, so we turned our car toward Bend without taking a morning hike.

Our room in Bend was at the Wall Street Suites.

More Matt demos.  The sliding door.

The living room, which also had a fold-out couch.

The kitchen.

Matt demonstrates the lovely soaps and lotions which were provided with the room.

He is amazed by the shower.  I am amazed by the amount of natural light coming in through the skylight.

The bedroom.  The carpet was extra soft.

 Exterior of our room.

The fire pit.  There was also a dog run out back.
We walked to downtown Bend and took a look around at the McMenamins Old St. Francis School.  I knew some regular readers would enjoy this Mass Server's Card.

Linda spied Chocolate Element, a delicious Wine and Chocolate Bar.  They both had the tasting menu of five different kinds of chocolate and I had a salted caramel brownie.

Linda went to bed early, but Matt and I took in a movie at the Old St. Francis School.  


Sara K. said...

Excellent! This trip just keeps getting better. Minus, the cold, that is. The Mass server card is great, well snapped. Our servers still use them, well a version thereof, when we go to TLM (Traditional Latin Mass). Thanks for the shout out! The chocolate and wine pairing looks like fun for chocolate lovers.

balyien said...

That hotel is amazingly beautiful! It looks so clean & modern. Bend is such a great town. I wonder if that chocolate & wine bar was there the last time I was there? I hope it wasn't because then I would be sad that I missed out.

Patricia said...

The hotel was so clean and modern! I loved it. And I think the chocolate bar was not there when we were there. So you didn't miss it. :-)