Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Wander Around Forest Grove

After being fortified by breakfast, we wandered.  A sign pointed us left to the Aquatic center and we wandered until we found it.  (Notice the length of my hair.  It might change soon)

Here is the aquatic center.  Looks large.  Alas, this is as close as we got to it.  To many things to do.

We then walked through the Pacific University campus and when we stopped to use the bathrooms in the student center, I was amused by these signs.  On the left, a stand against sexual and domestic violence.  On the right, a reminder to eat.

The sign also made me laugh with its more practical work-around.  If carrying a mattress was too much, you could carry a pillow to stand with survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

A very pretty drinking fountain that is also a fountain.

What sorts of books are in the Pacific University's Little Free Library?

Nothing very weighty.

Being the couple we are, we found the library.

Where I found a cover story article about CT.

And Matt found a whole pile of books. Given that we were still in Washington County, and given that Matt has a Washington County library card, he could check out this whole pile of books.  Two of those books are Twilight, the graphic novel.  The next day Matt told me, "I decided to stop reading Twilight.  There's only so much time on vacation and I don't want to spend any of it ironically."

I was interested to see there is a Jung society.

"Darrel Brady got ripped off, with this garden."  So says Matt. Maybe Darrel Bradey liked to sit between two major streets and contemplate the traffic?

Here is a first glance at the Children's Cottage.  Grand Lodge was a home the Masons built for widows and orphans in the 1920s.  The Orphans were housed in the basement level of the main building and by the time they had finished the Children's Cottage it was decided the children would be better off in foster homes.  So the building was used for other purposes.  Currently, it is available for rental.  It has many different meeting spaces to rent.

And here is a first glance at the Main Lodge at Grand Lodge.  Isn't it grand?  We'll take a tour later in the trip.


balyien said...

Matt was very funny this post! He made me laugh out loud twice. Those old buildings are all really great.

Sara K. said...

I love that the trip included a trip to the library!

Patricia said...

Every great vacation includes a trip to the library!