Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Z-A Games. Plus a look at our room.

What's vacation for, if not playing some games.  Here we play the last of our "R" games: Robo Rally.  Matt triumphed in a very difficult board.

Our budget included lodging in a bunk bed room.  I took the top bunk.  Here is my view.

And here is my view of Matt, getting ready to play Sentinels of the Multiverse.
This is also the vacation I learned I perhaps have aged out of sleeping in the top bunk.


balyien said...

The room looks lovely! So what kind of game was Robo Rally?

Patricia said...

Robo Rally is a game where you have a little robot and you have move it through an obstacle course (known as the factory floor) by having it turn left, right, advance X spaces, etc. You determine the robot's movement by being dealt cards which then have to be arranged and played. But quickly.

I really like it a lot, mostly because I have good spacial relations and the things on the board, as well as the other players, mean you encounter many unexpected things. Plus, it's very easy to learn and just buying the basic set gives you many hours of playing.

It's probably one of my favorite games we have, though we don't play it a ton.

Sara K. said...

I love that you took the games with you! I love being able to do that! No top bunks for you? I guess that means no loft bed in your room!

Patricia said...

Ah, you haven't traveled with Matt. We always take games. Even on the bike trip.

I crossed out the loft bed as potential sleeping quarters a few years ago. I did think up the idea of a reverse loft bed where the bed is below and you walk up a short set of steps to get to the desk area. The bed part would have curtains so it would be very cave-like and cozy.

I'm currently obsessed with Murphy Beds, but maybe someday I will build a reverse loft.