Saturday, October 25, 2014

Vintage Cakes: Blackout Cake

Birthday cake #1.  This is a dark chocolate cake with a chocolate pudding frosting and chocolate cookie crumb coating.  It was intense.  And very, very rich.  I had trouble finishing my very small piece.


balyien said...

I meant to try a piece of both cakes but got so caught up in the singing that I forgot, so I didn't get a piece of this one. :( It does sound pretty intense though, and that's coming from someone who loves chocolate!

Sara K. said...

My anti-chocolate stance makes this a no go for moi. But I am sure that chocoholics adored it.

Sara K. said...

And I am only allotted 3 comments today. Ha ha! I'm sneaking this one in. I am going to a speaker on campus this afternoon. He is talking about disruptive practices (purposeful disruptions of the dominant story lines that can cause harm to students) in education. It has been a major thrust of one of my classes this semester. So I am intrigued to hear another voice on the matter. And, you will be proud, I'm going on my own. That really has nothing to do with commenting...or your blog...oh well.