Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fifth of five in the 5k series.

I have completed my last in the ORRC 5k series.  This one was the Blue Lake run and I recieved a medal as well as a 30th anniversary t-shirt and a hot dog.  Plus I won the 5k series raffle which was a Cliff Bar (consumed by Matt) and a reflective band for my ankle.  It was pretty awesome.

I finished in 38:42, which wasn't bad considering I've not been running in the mornings.

Matt was a most excellent athletic supporter.  He took this picture, among other things.


balyien said...

I must be hungry because both "hot dog" and "Cliff Bar" made me think, "Hmm, that sounds really good." So where is Blue Lake? Was it a picturesque run?

Sara K. said...

Woo hoo!! Well done you! Not only for seeing it out but for getting such fun prizes.

Patricia said...

Blue Lake is between Fairview and Portland. And you've been there! When you were being an athletic supporter for my Triathlon and also for Hafidha's 30th birthday party.