Thursday, October 30, 2014

Breakfast at MeriDons

We wandered down the main strip to find MeriDon's restaurant where we both ordered omelettes.  Look at that biscuit that came on the side of mine!!

I was interested to see they had on display two birdhouses for the University of Oregon and only one from Oregon State University.

MeriDon's exterior.


balyien said...

Biscuit? Looks more like a brick! Wow! Was it tasty? It looks nice and fluffy. The exterior of MeriDons looks a tad uninviting but I like the looks of the inside.

Patricia said...

I've started seeking out strip mall restaurants. I think they are the diners of our generation. It was pretty good food. And the biscuit was delicious, very fluffy. But more like a biscuit-cake.

Sara K. said...

YUM!!!! Biscuit cake sounds delish!