Thursday, October 30, 2014

Disk Golf at Grand Lodge

Disk Golf is boring.  But it does afford time to take pretty pictures.

Matt throws (or whatever the disc golfing term is.)

I throw.

There is a restaurant called Pat's Corner in the middle of the disk golf course.  Luckily, it was cold and rainy and the restaurant was only open on weekends, so we didn't have to worry about hitting patrons.

Matt straddles boulders to get to his disk.

While waiting, I take this view of Grand Lodge through the trees.
And this view of the hole (or whatever they are called in disc golf) through the trees.

Matt climbs a tree to shake down his disk.

Grand Lodge and a stump.

Interesting growths.

Washed out interesting growths.

Autumn leaves in trees.

More foliage.

Matt wins by 11 points.  He doesn't even have enough phalanges to show us his winning score.


balyien said...

No matter how many times people try to explain disc golf to me, I just don't get it. So it's like frisbee with a goal? I know a few people who are really, really into it. I'd probably be terrible at it. My frisbee would end up in every tree in a mile radius.

You guys look like you had as much fun with it as you could! You took some great pics. I wonder if those growths are some sort of fungi?

Patricia said...

I've always thought Disk Golf strips everything fun out of Frisbee (the running and catching) and melds it with everything bad about golf (the standing around and slowly walking places). It's one of those sports that causes me to reevaluate a person's character if I find out they like it.

That said, Matt likes it. I don't find it fun when we play because we end up standing hundreds of yards apart and I get bored because I'm not really interacting with the person I'm supposedly spending time with.

Aside from the pictures, the upside is we spent no money on this.

Sara K. said...

I know discers who are religious about their disc golf! Not my scene either! I love the tree shots! The fungi are quire fun!!!