Wednesday, October 29, 2014

McMenamins Ironwork Grill

We went all the way to Forest Grove for my 40th Birthday Vacation, and are staying at McMenamin's Grand Lodge for several days.  We began our stay by eating in the Ironwork Grill and charging it to the room, which is one of our favorite things to do while on vacation.

See that blue passport, sitting among the various detritus on the table?  That passport motivated us to get the wine sampler, so we could get a stamp for a Wine Sampler.  Matt contemplates how I am going to drink all that wine, because he doesn't really like wine.  Though he did taste bits.

It came with it's own place mat and a very tempting message.

Once we (I) drank the wine we did flip the sheet to see what, if anything, was on the other side. 

All sorts of quotes that include wine related things.


balyien said...

So how was the wine? And how tipsy were you after finishing most of the sampler?

I think I ate in the restaurant at that McMenamins once. The food was excellent. Then we (me and Heidi & Kevin) went to the sake tasting place in town and got a lil tipsy haha.

Patricia said...

I did okay. It was probably two glasses total when you add everything together.

I wasn't super impressed with the restaurant, but that's how I am with McMenamin's food.

We went by that Sake place! But we did not stop to taste.

Sara K. said...

A wine passport sounds so fun! There are usually beer based, which is not my favorite!

Patricia said...

It's actually a passport for the entire McMenamin's Empire. Trying the Wine Flight was just one stamp. There's also one for a Beer Flight and a Distillary Flight. Then there are whole pages of stamps for each property. If you complete the passport you become a Cosmic Tripster and get to go to a special party. And get happy hour drink prices for a year. And three overnight stays AND free concert tickets. You can see why people become obsessed.