Sunday, October 12, 2014

Vintage Cakes: Maple Pecan Chiffon Cake with Brown Butter Icing

I like chiffon cakes because you aren't left with the massive amount of yolks that an angel food cake saddles you with.  This was a quite delicious cake and the brown butter icing was more delicious than it had any right to be.

The cake did slide out of the pan while cooling, which made me very happy I had set up a triple cooling rack structure rather than going with the traditional pop-bottle-through-the-neck format.


balyien said...

It looks very pretty and sounds tasty. Sometimes I'm jealous of Matt because he gets to eat your confections all the time!

Sara K. said...

This is a supremely beautiful cake. And your description of the frosting left my mouth watering. Yummy.

Sara K. said...

Final comments for today. Happy Sunday. I'm getting closer to commenting on October. Shawn has also committed to getting his last 2 posts done. So, perhaps, you will have some Pike Schemes to comment on soon.