Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bathroom even closer to completion.

Today's task involves putting in the soap dishes and touching up a few areas.

Before soap dish instillation.
I had a good helper.
Just a shout-out to the soap dish my parents bought me when I went off to Cottey.  It came from Wal-Mart, because that was the only place to shop in Nevada, Missouri.  I remember picking it out because I had to go with tan because the other colors were too hideous.  As you can tell by the amount of broken plastic, this soap dish has been dropped several times, but it still does what it is intended to do.  Most recently, the white part was sitting in the soap dish part of the shower caddy to better catch the slivers of soap which would always fall through the shower caddy's larger spaces.  Am I getting rid of this soap dish? No way!  It is back under the sink, holding a scrub brush. 
Now Matt and I each have our own soap, which means for me, no more broken soap!  There's also a soap dish for my razor and pumice stone.  We're living in a shower caddy-free world!
The soap is just the right height for Matt. Me?  I have to stretch a bit, but that's what being short is all about.
I used this brush to do the touch-ups.  This paint so far has demonstrated it will chip easily (if you look closely, you can see where some scraped off during the soap dish instillation) so I have repackaged some paint into small canning jars so I can easily do touchups, if need be.
Here was the radio that was my faithful companion during this project.  This was my first CD player, a passdown from the college boyfriend.  It has been living in one of the sheds and I have been debating getting rid of it because I never use it.  However, the one radio in the house is in the living room and I didn't want to blast music through the duration of my project, so this worked nicely.

I listened to 94.7 FM exclusively for the duration and I have the following observations:
  • If one can time one's project to mostly take place during the 90 minute music stretch at 10am, it's pretty awesome
  • If not, prepare to hear a lot of commercials because despite what they say, five songs is not a "long music stretch."
  • Why exactly does this guy have Trojans in his head?
  • I think that the entire demographic of 94.7 FM consists of men who don't know how to propose.  There was an ad for jewelers who specialized in diamond engagement rings every commercial break.
  • Hey there, jewelers who specialize in diamond engagement rings!  How about making a commercial or two that reflect the reality that many couples buy their engagement rings together. Or, perish the thought, that sometimes the woman buys the rings.  And not just in lesbian relationships!
  • All those songs from the 80s teenager movies?  You can bundle them together and think of them as one song and then stop playing that song for a very long time.  I really like "If you leave" by OMD, but I really only need to hear it, say, every two years or so.  Not every other day.
  • Same for Nirvana
  • Same for Pearl Jam.

So!  Am I done with the bathroom?  Not yet.  I have to wrestle with the conundrum of if I want to purchase brand new towels that match the colors of the bathroom, or keep using my current towels which do not match because they are still good. It's "matchy-matchy me" vs. "frugal me."  Future me can tell you that the "matchy matchy me" is going to win out.  I'll have photos of the finished product soon.


balyien said...

Were those Tom Shane commercials? Those still annoy me and I haven't heard one in over 4 years, lol.

Patricia said...

Happily, the engagement ring commercials have faded from memory. I don't think Tom Shore is advertising. I think it was La Roche brothers (who have been in the diamond business over 100 years, so they know their stuff) and crappy Fred Meyer Jewelers who have a special kind of diamond engagement ring who's name escapes me at this point.

Sara K. said...

How nice that the major work of the bathroom is done. Can't wait to see what Matchy You does with the towels. Thanks Future You for not leaving us guessing!