Sunday, August 19, 2012

Muddy Buddy

Well, it's time for my favorite of Matt's "let's get covered in mud" runs:  The Muddy Buddy.  This year, we only had to drive to Kruger Farms on Sauvie Island, instead of going all the way to Milo McIver State Park. This was a very good thing.

Bill, Matt's teammate, attaches his number.
There were a lot of things to attach.
Kate and her partner were white tigers.  In previous years, they've also been carrots and something else I am forgetting.
Waiting for the race to start.
More waiting.
Matt had the bike on the first leg.
And they are off!
Bill waits to start running.  This is my favorite race because the teammates trade off the bike and running.  They  bike to a point and then wait for their teammate who has just run the leg.  Then the running teammate takes the bike and the biking teammate takes off running.
New this year: female announcer.  She was funny.  I liked her a lot.
The white tiger is out of the gate.
Kate waits to start running.
And she's off.
Matt runs part of the course.
This is a biking leg for Bill.
These ROTC members were ready to help people over this obstacle.  And people needed help because...
Another ROTC member sprayed down the surface with fabric softener.
Matt approaches the final waiting area.
Matt waiting for Bill.
Up and over this obsticle
Up and over the fabric softener covered wall.
Bill is almost there.
And over they go.
The final approach.
And through the finish line.
Getting the medals.
Bill gets rid of his chip.
So is Matt
More chip-getting-rid-of photos.
Looking good!
Happy finishers.
Looking for the showers.
Mud on the ribbon.
Clean ear.
Edge, mud and water.
Fixing the contact.
In the shower.
Cleaner ear.
Doing the surfer changing maneuver.
The white tigers are not too muddy!

Matt found some free stuff. 
Bill found some beer.
Matt found some Ninja Turtles.
A map of the race with the obstacles listed.
The White Tigers did well!
The trophies have muddy water.
Matt and Bill did well too:  Fifth place in their age bracket!

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Sara K. said...

I continually find these muddy obstacle course type races very interesting. I don't always understand the appeal, but then again getting muddy would NEVER be my choice! :) I guess I am HM that way. It is exciting that they did so well and had a gun time! Yay for Donatello, he's my favorite TMNT, if you recall! :)