Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bathroom Nearly Done!

Oh bathroom painting project, you go on and on.  Mostly because I make an already hard project harder by adding complicating factors.

The shelves above the toilet are a contrasting color, meaning an attempt at careful painting until I decided I was just too annoyed to be careful anymore and taped up the whole thing.
A sign of a Patricia Collins Paint Project is the roller getting on some item and leaving a mark I do not notice until it is too late even though I am paying attention and being very careful.  This is the crux of why I do not like to paint.
We are moving into a world where there is no shower caddy in our shower.  Making this possible is this shelf.
Matt was home and it was a good thing, as I had never seen anchors like this before.  They were completely flat on one side. How do I put them in the wall?  The directions were no help, as they showed normal anchors. "Origami Boyfriend" came to my rescue and showed me that these anchors could be folded into normal looking anchors.  Thank goodness for Origami Boyfriend.
Here's the shelf in place.  It went in rather quickly, (15 minutes! the box said, and was not far off) and with little trouble.  I did have to tighten a screw on the bottom of the brackets which was difficult due to the angle and the lip of the shower getting in the way.  I ended up taking the screw head bit which did fit into the space and twisting it with my hand, breathing deeply while I dropped the bit multiple times.
The shelf now holds our shampoo and conditioners.
With my remaining amount of time today I ripped off the tape.  This was a new, green frog tape I had not tried before and I was impressed. It did not let paint bleed in as the blue tape has and it did not really tear much of the paint it was covering off of the wall.  I will have to do a little touching up, but not much.

And that's the end of work time today.  But wait!  There is more work to do.

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Sara K. said...

Wow! You seem to be making great progress. Not done yet, NO FUN!!!