Friday, August 10, 2012

Ecola State Park

Today we got out of town and went to the beach.  I had hopes of wading, or possibly swimming, but it was grey and cold, so Matt and I went to Ecola State Park for a hike.

"Keeping my eyes on the road" picture.
Since I was a small child, I've always loved to stop at the "drinking water" along the side of the road on the way to the beach.  Sadly, this time I found it not maintained.  There used to be a fountain above.
Matt gets some water.
All that water means stopping at the rest stop.
At Ecola State Park, switching shoes in the parking lot.
A dish for dogs.
Matt gazes at the coast.
Close up!
Due to the overcast day, my camera couldn't "find" us and I wasn't able to manually rejigger things so we could be seen.
Attempt at closeup.
Waiting for the camera setup.
We hiked along part of the Oregon Cost Trail
Good self-portrait.
Matt decides if he should jump.
How do you know you are at the Oregon Coast?  All the kids are running around in swimsuits and the adults are in sweaters.
This is a tiny seedling that has sprouted in a nurse log.
I was wondering if this was Oregon Grape, but it seems not to be.
We traveled the Clastsop Loop Trail and found a very cute hike in camp at Tillamook Head.
Looking out at Tillamook Rock Lighthouse.
A closer view of the lighthouse, "Terrible Tilly."
More dark attempts at timer photos.
To no avail.
We start back to the car.
I love these mushrooms.
We learned about "clothespin trees" which are trees that grow around the nurse log until the nurse log completely decays, leaving an opening.
Some Oregon Coast views.

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Sara K. said...

It looks like a perfect coast day to me. Hiking, wandering, seeing the bathing-suited kids. I'm always so iffy on the shore outings with beach blankets, umbrellas and baking in your bikini with a million people. And yes, I know this is more reasoning as to why I should move to PDX!