Friday, August 3, 2012


Matt is headed for the Cascade Lakes Relay.  I've got the house to myself for four days and I am using the time to repaint Matt's room.  I painted it when it was still "our" room and did an awful job--there are many spots where the ceiling and wall join that are not a clear border of color.  In addition, I did some touch ups where the paint did not blend.  I shudder every time I look at the walls.  So I'm redoing the whole thing.
The cats are not pleased.  Sentinel supervised the moving around of furniture, and Antares just retreated under the bed for most of the project.
I had outstanding help.  My friend Julie came over and we cranked out the whole room in about four hours, plus lunch.  Julie is also awesome a cutting in, and thus my wall-to-ceiling transition now looks awesome, instead of cringeworthy.  Thanks Julie.

Sign of  a project well done:  I walk in the room and admire the paint job.  Also, I said to Matt, "I don't think anyone can tell the difference but me, but I am very happy it's done.  Matt looked around his own room and said, "I can't tell the difference."  But still I was content with time spent.  


Sara K. said...

Well done. It must be so nice to have it the way you really want it. I am that way a lot, especially with anchor charts at school. If I make one mistake on the chart, I have to redo the whole thing. I just can't walk by it and see it not the way it should be. Glad it was quick and is no longer cringe-inducing!

balyien said...

Wow, your posts about painting just reminded me. Didn't I help paint your living room once? How funny, I hadn't thought of that in years. Anyway, Matt's room looks great!

Patricia said...

You did! There is even photographic evidence on this very blog: