Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Measuring cups and spoons

I have realized that as a short person, I do not enjoy reaching into the upper cabinets for things.  I also don't like taking things out of the front of the cabinet to get to things in the back of the cabinet.  I have been working on minimizing my kitchen, though it's not really very minimal as it is the thing I do the most and so have the most tools.  But I hit on an idea for giving me more access to things in cabinets without reaching all the time.

This is the establishing "before" shot.
My measuring cups and spoons sat in two separate containers on the second shelf of the cabinet on the right side of the picture.  Behind them was the popcorn materials.  This meant that every time I wanted to make popcorn, I had to unload the measuring cups and spoons.  In addition, the cups for the Magic Bullet, which we use every day were on the very top shelf meaning I had a daily strain to get them.

I realized that if I put the measuring cups and spoons somewhere else I could relocate the popcorn materials to the top shelf where I would only have to strain when it is popcorn time. Then the Magic Bullet items could go on the front of the middle shelf resulting in no strain at all.  So using the power of the Ikea rod, I hung all my measuring cups and spoons.

This appeals to my sense of order.

Also, my one cup measuring cups have both broken (it seems they are not really made to be ladles) but the other sizes are just fine.  Does anyone know where I can buy JUST the one cup size?


Sara K. said...

I find the lovely size order very appealing! My OCD is satisfied with your organization. Would Goodwill have just one cup?

Patricia said...

For some reason, it hadn't occurred to me to check the Goodwill. Thank goodness you've commented.