Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sentinel and Sourdough

On the Humane Society's website, the advertisement for the cat who we would name Sentinel said that he would follow you around, much like a small dog.  And that ad was correct.  Should Matt and I be hit and killed by a bus and Sentinel and Antares have to find a new home, they need to go to someone light on their feet as living with Sentinel often means avoiding stepping on him as he walks right next to you, attempting to walk between your legs.

Sentinel also usually comes and sits with me as I eat, much like a dog.  I wonder if Sentinel was the only cat in a dog household before he came to live with us?
In other news, my sourdough starter is coming along.  And here's an illustration of what happened when I didn't make that final slash down the middle before I put the loaf in the oven.  The bread experienced "oven spring" and had nowhere to expand, so gave in at the weakest point, which was its side.  The geometry is kind of cool.

What you can't tell about this bread is that I forgot to put in the salt, so it doesn't taste very good, alas.

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Sara K. said...

Archie also is a follower. I have stepped on him (lightly of course and after a realization of OMG he is right there) a couple of times. I hate that. He always has to be where we are. He like Shawn's lap the best, but follows me and curls up with me in bed the most. The bread looks amazing, too bad about the salt.

This morning I has 42 posts from you in my reader. This beginning of the school year, I guess as they all are, has been a bit more time consuming than usual. Shawn would say that I always say that! I hope to at least start with these first nine posts and get reconnected. I have missed sharing our usual back and forth.