Friday, August 10, 2012


After Ecola, we went into Seaside for some food.  "Are you here for the volleyball tournament?" our server asked us.  No we weren't but we wandered down to check it out.

First view.  Beach volleyball as far as the eye can see.
We wandered back to the car so Matt could change shoes and caught this nice photo.
Matt is recruited to take a picture.
He gets the ladies to smile.
This very tall teenager caught my eye. I don't think he has quite figured out what to do with his  height as his clothing is not quite proportionate to his body.
We watched a round that these girls played.  The tiny amount of clothing worn by the women had me thankful I spent my adolescence in a time of baggy clothing.
We walked down to the water which was freezing so I only got about a quarter of an inch in.  But I did take this picture of this sand castle.
We watched these women play an entire game.  They were amazing athletes.
This team was killing some time by reading.  The one on the right was reading Mockingjay.
Volleyball girls in tiny outfits checking out other tiny outfits.
If Lewis and Clark would just turn around, they would see a luxury condominium waiting to house them.  No more flea-ridden Ft. Clatsop for them.
The flags were at half mast for the victims of the Oak Creek, Wisconsin shooting.
I stopped to get some fudge, a beach tradition.
And also some salt water taffy.
Matt went for some ice cream.  And by some, I mean about a pint.  Warning that the serving sizes are quite large at the Frosty Udder.
Finished with the beach, we headed home.

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Sara K. said...

How lovely! Not the minimal clothing for VB gals, but the beach time, fudge and saltwater taffy! I always have to get fudge as well!