Saturday, July 7, 2012

A good meal, a cemetery and some roller fun.

Early in our trip, Matt went downstairs for some reason I've now forgotten and ran into a former colleague at the bar.  The colleague recommended this restaurant and so we made it a point to go and he was so , so, right.  It was amazing and I was blown away by the flavor combinations.
On our walk back we stopped at a cemetery.
It seemed to be the pioneer cemetery.
Here is where a John Brown lies a-mouldering, but I took this picture because I was curious what the A.O.U.W was.  Here's a nice description of the organization.
This grave intrigued me because of what it said under the dates>
I first assumed they were both poems because they were in quotes.
But curseory googling has told me no, not poems.  Perhaps nicknames?
Here's proof I don't carefully look at my photos before uploading.  If you turn your head sideways, you will see this is a modern stone on the gave of the founder of Centralia.
George's grave is the oblisque and his wife Mary Jane is the smaller grave to the right. I observed that her gave had broken (or been vandalized) and the thicker stone was added behind to repair it.
My favorite name I found.
Tree?  Nope. Gravestone.

Then we headed over to the Centralia Rollerdome.
For some roller skating.  Also they had a bouncy castle obstacle course that Matt took part in and I played a very fun game in the arcade involving moving a ball up a circular track.  If I had more quarters, I would have won.  I would have.


Sara K. said...

OMG!!! I am so happily SURPRISED that you made it to La Tarasca! I love that place! so glad you enjoyed a meal there! So stinkin' cool!

Sara K. said...

How did I do? It's pretty impressive that you got fab Mexican food, a cemetery, and roller skating in the same outing!

It is interesting to me that THE John Brown's actual grave is here in VA (well, it was VA when he was buried there). Oh Wikipedia tell me how wrong that awesome know-it-all statement was. He is actually buried in Kansas. I wrongly thought he was buried at the farm where he planned the raid, near Harpers Ferry. We have stopped near the farm, viewing it from the road, so I just thought it would be there. Silly me! I would almost think that a John Brown combo would not be used after THE John Brown's notoriety. Very interesting! I guess that they were almost contemporaries. Hmmm....

Patricia said...

Yes, an excellent level of surprise, Sara. Well done.

John Brown's period in Kansas was very interesting. I think I would have pegged him as being buried in Virginia since that was where he was hanged, but they must have shipped the body back to the family.

Patricia said...

And as to John Brown, I think both "John" and "Brown" are so common that they would be continued to be combined. I just checked Wolfram Alpha to see if there was a dip around the 1850s and Wolfram Alpha only has data to 1880.

Also, I would be that a goodly number of people in the North didn't think his crimes were all that awful. He's no Hitler.

Sara K. said...

Those are excellent points. Around these parts he is still seen as a lightening bolt figure (is that the right term?). Very controversial to this day. I guess the South is still a bit miffed at his almost. And, though he was no Hilter, he was a huge religious zealot and I am guessing would be branded a terrorist in these days!

Patricia said...

Indeed. But there were a lot of zealots in the North itching for a revolution. The schism of views reminds me of a few contemporary issues we just can't agree on today.