Friday, July 6, 2012

Farmer's Market and Centralia Landmarks

On Friday, we took a walk and discovered the Farmer's Market.  I bought a wreath for my Aunt Pat, who was minding the cats, and also the best almond toffee I ever tasted.  Matt got some chocolate covered strawberries.
After that, we wandered about town.  Matt takes pictures of the Centralia Massacre plaque.
In front of the Centralia Library is this monument, which I thought originally was a WWI memorial.
But no!  It's a memorial to Labor!
Here's the war memorial.
Now, what interested me about the Centralia Massacre plaque is that it says at the bottom that it is a "National History Day of Washington Historic Marker Competition Winner."  What is this?
Here's the library.  It had a remodel in the 70s, but you could guess that, no?

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Sara K. said...

I love west coast farmer's markets! They are always fab! And well done checking out Centralia history. If this were real time I would tell you to go to La Tasca (I think its called that) for chile relenos. They have the best I have ever had. But than I am not sure if you like them...

I think we even have a blog post about that restaurant I love it so much!